Director - Principal


Shree Ram Mulkh College of Education is one of the prestigious Professional Educational Institution which provides teacher education to the students of the country. This Institute has established its name as the best one in a duration of just seven years.

At Shree Ram Mulkh College of Education students are taught with variety of innovative teaching methods and nurtured with dedicated efforts of all teachers The management is generous to provide all infrastructure, modern laboratories and teaching faculty which synthesize and erra of right educational opportunities. The aim of the college is to do the recce of the hidden potential of every student and provide them right educational platform so that they can become an effective teacher and contribute to the nation as a productive member. Apart from academics, special forum is also given to the students in sports and co-curricular activities for their holistic development so that they can stand with their head held high among the best teachers of the country. Morning assembly is one of the significant aspect of the college where emphasis is paid for inculcating good ethics among students which transform them into a good human being.

Dear students, learning is life long process. Teacher can become nation builder only when they have lot of zeal, patience and commitment towards institution, learning and learners. Teacher can only survive in the society if he goes on learning till the last breath of his life. To become an effective teacher one should have the quality of diligence and affection for the students. Society likes those teachers who are regular, punctual, knowledgeable and have the capability of nurturing the young mind. Good teacher is a facilitator and always try to peep into the mind of his student.

I heartily welcome you in this institution and hope that your stay will be comfortable. I am confident that after leaving this college your teachers will remember you as the best students of the college and you will also say that we have learnt a lot and accomplished our goals

With best wishes Dr.D.K. Shinha