Director – Principal

Dr. Usha Singhal is the Principal of Shree Birkha Ram College of Education.

Acadamic Achievements

1) Diploma (Urdu),M.A.(Hin,Pbi,Philo), PGD(tr) M. Ed, M.Phil, Ph. D
2) Cultural achievements / co-carcular actitvties

Principal have participated in workshops, symposiums, debates and presented different research papers on different topics as a delegate/ Guest Lecture, Resource person in many national and inter national seminars/ Conferences/ Workshops. She visited inter college competition for judgment. Many research papers, articles are published in reputed books/ reputed souvenir/ reputed national journal with ISSN and ISBN. She has supervision of the research scholars (M.ed students, M.A students, M.Phil students) from KUK and other universities. She is very dedicate and hard worker. She devote her devotions and co-operation with the students and faculty members. She thought “By learning we will teach, by teaching we will learn.” She always motivate the teachers and students.

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