Director Principal

The rapid development in the field of technology has accelerated the demand for value based engineering education which is qualitative, progressive, multidimensional and globally competitive. With this end in view, we at SRMIET cater to the needs of engineering aspirants.An engineer has to be a good manager too who has to keep pace with fast changing concepts of management and bring about a healthy and hygienic industrial atmosphere.

We believe that excellence in education is achieved when it is student oriented and delivered with scientific and creative teaching approaches by skilled professors who love their subjects and their students. Students cannot become gems until they are polished by good teachers. Dedicated and Effective teachers are harbingers of good education. keeping this in mind we always look for excellent faculty and infrastructure.

Academic Excellence, Holistic Education, Global Relevance and Values continue to be the corner stones of SRMIET.

SRMIET is a saga of rapid progress that is made over long period of time where building a balanced technologically sound personality is a mission. Deliberate efforts are made to place our students in encouraging positions in the industry that can match with their expectations of fairly good lifestyle.

Dr. Davinder Sharma


SRM Institute of Engineering & Technology