Electronics & Comm.Eng..

Department Of Electronic & Comm. Engineering

About The Department

Electronics, the defined and methodological approach to analyze and design the complex circuitries. This branch of science forms the back bone of entire working elements, be it railways, security systems or entertainment sources. Combined with the skills of communication, electronic has provided a platform for the development of new techniques and discoveries say 4G, 3G, 2G etc. The huge bid circuitries have minimized into small circuitries of IC using electronics. Hence last but not the least, it is the base of the building of technology.

Department Infrastructure

We have well equipped Electronic Labs like Digital Electronic Lab including Logic Gates, Universal gates, Adders, Subtracts, Flip Flop etc. Microprocessor Lab including 8085 Kit, Signal indicates etc., Course Lab including LAN Kit, Telephone Trainers Kit, Modulation Kit, Analog electronic lab including multi Vibrator kit, Oscillators like colpitt, transistors etc.