Mechanical Engineering

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

About the Department

Mechanical Engineering Department was established in 2007 i.e. from the date of inception of the college and has well-established laboratories and is continuously growing. A number of Short Training programs, seminars and conferences have been conducted in the past. The department has been continuously growing since its establishment.

Department Infrastructure

Departmental Computer Lab: In addition to the central computer center, the department has its own dedicated computer labs which have more than 100 workstations having latest configurations and software to fulfill the needs of latest design in the field of Mechanical Engineering.


The Labs have the required software installed in the systems. System are designed with latest configuration.


Dynamic of Machines Lab
Production Technology Lab
Heat Transfer Lab
Thermal Engineering Lab
Elements of Electronics Engg. Labb
Fluid Mechanics Lab
Fluid Machines Lab
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab
Tribology & Mechanical Vibration Lab
Microprocessor Lab, VHDL Lab, DSP Lab
Strength of Materials lab

Universal Testing machine
Pendulum impact testing machine
Fatigue testing machine
Torsion testing machine
Rockwell cum Brinell hardness tester
Spring Testing Machine
Kinematics of machines lab

Model of whitsworth quick return mechanism
Model of crank and slotted lever mechanism
Model of oscillating cylinder mechanism
Model of hook coupling (Double Type)
Model of Cam & follower
Thermodynamics lab

Model of two stroke petrol engine
Model of two stroke diesel engine
Model of four stroke petrol engine
Model of four stroke diesel engine
Model of Lancashire boiler
Model of Babcock & Wilcox boiler
Model of locomotive boiler