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Shree Ram Mulkh College of Technical education

Shree Ram Mulkh College of Technical Education is an integrated part of SRM Global Group of Professional Institutions. This is self- financing institute running under the aegis of Mahaprabhu Ram Mulkh Hi-Tech Education Society, a non-profiteering body registered under Societies Registration Act 1860.

This institute since its inception i.e year 2007-2008 has been imparting quality technical education to the youth of rural area in particular and the state of Haryana in general. The state-of-art infrastructure has been provided at this institute coupled with all ultra modern equipments, apparatus, facilities and amenities. The architectural design of this institute is unique in terms of the placement of various amenities. This institute has well equipped laboratory and workshops.

The staff appointed in this institute is highly qualified, experienced and professional having knowledge of advance equipments and technique. The institute also take care of the development of the staff and sponsor for special training, so that they may gain proper and latest knowledge to further impart the same to the students of this institute.

The rapid industrialization and globalization has developed on environment for free flow of information and technology through various efficient and fast means . In order to cope with the challenges of handling new technologies, materials and methods, we at Shree Ram Mulkh college of Technical Education provide human resources having appropriate knowledge of professional skill and attitude in discipline.

Why Diploma (engineering)
In Today’s competitive world, everyone wants fast progress and a good start of career to be successful in future. With the advancement of time, people want abrupt rise in short span of time.

The world of engineering encompasses various diploma and degree courses. In today’s era where prime importance is given to the practical approach, diploma holds a great significant position.

Doing diploma after 10th gives a direct entry to a candidate to enter into the field of engineering to build his bases as an engineer. Diploma not only saves two years of +1 & +2 but also holds a benefit of making an entry to second year of through LEET if a student wants to pursue degree.

Diploma students equipped with a methodical and practical approach are preferred over degree holders. Even in many MNC’s the head of the degree freshers are diploma holders. Doing diploma saves time of person and gives a direct entry to the industry side by side of which person can pursue his and can rise to great heights.

The preference of diploma is again more in Govt. Jobs which are pathway to safe future. Thus in today’s world diploma holds a prime importance.

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